Easy Century (Imperial or Metric) June 12


Please indicate attendance on the event page so we can help the restaurant plan for us. All are welcome to join. 

This year, we'll do our Cincinnati Century a little differently.
First, we'll start at the Camp Chase Trailhead in Georgesville, NOT AT EASTON. Riding through Columbus had some downsides, and this works great.
Next, there's a bridge out, so we can't go all the way to Cincinnati. Don't worry...We'll still get 100 miles in, but if you only want 100 km, it's the same finish line!
Finally, we'll finish at the Little River Bar and Grill (https://www.facebook.com/LittleRiverBarandGrill/) in Oregonia, a fantastic biker bar right on the path, with live music that weekend and a big patio.
The tentative route is posted at https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36172740.
This is not an official teamCOPC Ride.
This ride is NOT SUPPORTED by SAG, but we'd welcome any volunteers who wish to be present.
We have places marked on the route to stop for water and fuel.
Bring a packed lunch to the start and we'll have it at Xenia when we get there.
All riders must arrange their own transportation back from the finish line. Many folks stage a car the night before or plan carpooling ahead of time.
This is still the easiest century you'll ever do. It's even easier than last year's easiest century!

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