Rides: June 2-6, 2021


UPDATE/CORRECTION: We start at 8 am on Sundays in June.

Rides: June 2-6, 2021
·        Please read and sign the online waiver here: https://forms.gle/gUmkFr87r785WSSu9
·        All riders should please review the teamCOPC Rider expectations and COVID guidelines at https://teamcopc.wixsite.com/teamcopc2021/weekly-rides.

Click here for a note regarding COVID-19 and our requests of those joining our rides. 

Weather-related ride updates (if there are any) will appear on this group 1 hour before the scheduled rides. 

Cincinnati Ride - June 12 - 63 or 100 miles - Please read and sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/942003163318653

Food Truck Tuesday
NOT an official teamCOPC Ride - There may be no ride leader
Ride begins and ends at the food truck. 
Order your own food for a 7:15 pick-up.
This week: Sweet T's Southern Style
6100 Grand Strand, Westerville
6 pm rolling 16+ mph 20 miles
Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/35750617 
Order ahead for your 7:15 finish. https://streetfoodfinder.com/SweetTfoodtruck 

Wednesday Beginner Group Ride – We need leaders too!
They're not just for beginners, but anyone who wants a slow, casual ride. Seasoned cyclists are also welcome, with the mindset that we will not “push the pace” on Wednesdays. We start with a talk about road cycling safety, group riding protocols, communication and other important cycling topics. Then, we’ll take to the road. The rides are fairly short early in the season and get longer as the daylight extends. This group starts with easy and flat routes, and we’ll progress into some hill training by the end of June. Riders should be able to maintain an average ride pace of at least 12 mph.

This week:
Ready to roll at 6:00 pm
New Albany Heit Center - Rose Run Park Patio
Pace (average): 12-13 mph together, higher if ALL riders are comfortable
Distances: 11, 17 or 22 miles
Thursday Night Hills
NOT an official teamCOPC Ride - There may be no ride leader
While there may be a group this week, it's best to bring a friend to ride with. 
This ride starts at 6 pm from Jersey Baptist Church in the north parking lot, and covers some fun but challenging terrain. 
These are the usual routes, and the group chooses at the start time. 

Sunday Multi-Group Ride
A few routes are offered with a common start. Groups separate based on planned pace and ride together on the route of the group’s choosing. Routes are posted weekly.
This week:
Rolling at 8:00 am (please be 15 minutes early)
New Albany Heit Center - Rose Run Park Patio
Pace Groups (average): 14-15 mph, 15-16 mph, 16+ mph
This week, we'll smooth out the route and add some miles. You can even visit the ostriches on the long route. 
Routes: 33 B 55 miles, 33 C 40 miles, 33 D 25 miles

teamCOPC welcomes all Pelotonia participants
As always, teamCOPC welcomes all who want to participate in Pelotonia to be a part of our team. If you would like to join us as a Rider, Challenger or Volunteer, just email teamCOPC@... and we’ll get you on the team.

Upcoming Events
While observing community health restrictions, we hope to host or facilitate (and need volunteers for):
Ride from Columbus to Cincinnati – June 12 - https://www.facebook.com/events/942003163318653
Ride Around Columbus Date TBA
Velvet Ice Cream Ride July 18 Register to volunteer or ride at https://teamcopc.wixsite.com/teamcopc2021/velvet 
Pelotonia Weekend August 7-8 https://pelotonia.org/ 
Ride of the original (more or less) Pelotonia Route to Athens – Date TBA
Gambier/Boondocks Ride Date TBA