Ride Details-Week of June 15-21


teamCOPC Weekly Ride Details-Week of June 15-21

Please read the COVID-19 related comments at www.teamCOPC.org before joining.
Please also read the ride descriptions to choose a ride that fits your abilities. Sunday and Thursday rides are faster than Wednesday rides. 
While our group will not drop anyone, riders also have training goals, and we don't want anyone to be frustrated.
Rider safety and behavior expectations and route descriptions are posted at https://teamcopc.wixsite.com/teamcopc2020/weekly-rides. 

Wednesday Beginner/Casual Group 6 pm - Routes posted at https://teamcopc.wixsite.com/teamcopc2020/weekly-rides

Thursday Night Hills, 6 pm - Routes posted at https://teamcopc.wixsite.com/teamcopc2020/weekly-rides

Sunday Multi-Group Ride, 8 am - Routes for this week: https://ridewithgps.com/events/9977-group-18-wn-30-64-westerville-delaware-k#routes/8465693
Sunday is our final tuneup for the COCIN Century Ride the following weekend. See details below. 

Upcoming Events

While observing community health restrictions, we hope to host or facilitate (and need volunteers for):

Ride from Columbus to Cincinnati June 27 https://co-cin.webs.com/

Ride Around Columbus July 4 weekend tentatively

Velvet Ice Cream Route/Ride July 19

Ride on Pelotonia Weekend August 8-9

Ride of the original (more or less) Pelotonia Route to Athens-TBA

Pelotonia Changes for 2020


By now, you have seen the news regarding Pelotonia changes for this year. If you missed it, here is the announcement, and here is the FAQ page. As always, teamCOPC welcomes all who want to participate in Pelotonia to be a part of our team.